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MU Chess meeting dayz: _Every_ Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at Law Theater 1 (near Union House)
MU Chess meeting timez: Between 1300hrs and 1410hrs

What do we do there? Errrr... play ALL sortsa chess, eat, listen to music... generally having a GREAT lunch time!

~Special Announcements~
Annual General Meeting is to be held on:
Date: Tuesday, 28th March 2000
Venue: Law Lecture Theater 1.
Time: 1pm to 2pm

All positions are open for contention.
Come and make a difference, make things happen!


~1999 Committee Members~
(What we need now are pics of these monkeys...)

President: Elina Law - Da glue... (Now, is only the web page maintainer coz she's busy working at Coles Myers in their IT Development Group)
Vice President: Adaikalavan Ramasamy - Otherwise affectionately known as Adai... hehehe... (The Main Man A.K.A. person running de club)
Treasurer: Simon Green - Da money man... (Now busy working at Telstra, but still acting as Treasurer for the club)
Secretary: Elisse Higginbotham - Da person with de connections...
Activities Officer: Amer Saifuddin - Tends to give ppl heart-attack news followed by "just joking"s...
Editor: William Thai Ly - Funny acid (in other words... caustic and witty)
Liason Officer: Hiroshi Miyazaki - Silent thinker
Publicity Officer: Chris Wong - Da artist
Sponsorship Officer: Irwin Hau - Da magician


~ 1999 Victorian InterVarsity Chess Championship ~

~A satirical report by "Jerbil"~

      On Saturday 4th September around 50 students from the Universities of Melbourne, Monash, RMIT and Deakin converged on the Norman Lade Room at Queens College. No sooner had they arrived than they started attacking each other with funny-shaped lumps of black and white plastic - and this is BEFORE the Tournament started….

      Officially, the Championships began at 9:45am with an opening by Professor Alan Gilbert, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, patron of the University of Melbourne's Chess Club (MU Chess) (our very own VIP). His audience, a motley crew from Universities across Melbourne were raring to begin the battle, and after arbiter David Cordover had clarified the day's rules and for those who felt obliged to ask, how the pieces moved, the Games began…

      The first of seven games began, leaving the arbiters and the reserve players one whole hour to play Aladdin (I am pleased to announce that I can now pass Level 1), Spit or Transfer, or simply to watch the battles going on over twenty checkered battle fields. The appearance of the Cross Table early in the second round became a focal point for the rest of the Tournament, listing the ten teams and their cumulative scores. Apart from its informative value, it was also good for a laugh: the teams names included the Melbourne teams "Free Porn" (with Bobby Fisher [all time American chess genius] listed as their Reserve player) and Deakin's "White Men Can't Mate." Top marks for originality for the Monash teams "A" and "B".

      By lunchtime it was clear that the Monash teams were however the ones to beat… University of Melbourne team MU1 wasn't far behind followed closely by several others. Lunchtime was a wet and unsatisfying time for many, who found that Queens College, while splendid for a Chess Tournament, was also miles from any food, particularly with the most of the Union food outlets closed for the weekend. You'd think out of 50 odd reasonably intelligent people, at least ONE of them would have thought to bring lunch… MU Chess, who organised the tournament, did however provide loads of nibbles which recharged people enough for them to begin Round 4 with gusto. Flagging spirits in the afternoon prompted Queens College students drifting back to their rooms to partisan support for the players with many a cry of "GO THE BLACK" to be heard (soothers anyone?).

      After seven grueling hour long rounds, the only thing the brain-drained uni studes wanted to hear was… "The winner is…." (No chance of Sydney getting THIS one being the Victorian Intervarsity Championships and all - unless the IOOC is more corrupt than we thought!) By 6:30pm the results were out: Monash A scraped through by ˝ point ahead of Monash B, with the University of Melbourne team "Endless" coming third. The pewter plate (provided by sponsor Royal Selangor) and $150 were awarded to the winners, and prizes of $80 and $50 also given to second and third place getters… Everyone else received a half-price game of Pool from Charltons (another sponsor) and a warm fuzzy glow for having played honorably for their University. Note to the prizewinners: remember that we have DIGITAL photos of you all grinning your heads off… If you're REALLY nice to us (like returning the prize money) then we won't even manipulate them at all…but we will stick them on our web site).

      Seriously, a great time was had by all, the Championships were a great success and the hard work of Elina Law in organising it and David Cordover in running it on the day were much appreciated by all involved. MU Chess members Simon Green, Thai Ly, Elisse Higginbotham, Hiroshi Miyazaki and Christopher Wong were worth their weight in pewter, although Royal Selangor didn't seem to think so… Special thanks also go to our sponsors, the University of Melbourne, Royal Selangor, The Games Shop, Chess World, Charltons, Village Bourke Street, Hoyts, KFC, Safeway and Pizza Haven.

      For other cynics out there and anyone else who just wants to play chess, MU Chess meets on Tuesdays in Alice Hoy 331 and Fridays Alice Hoy 303. We'll see you there!

~ Some pics of da day ~

Prof. Alan Gilbert1

Elisse, Alan, Simon and I
Prize giving ceremony
Prof. Alan Gilbert2
Champion Chimps
Mass brain drain1
Champion's Shield
1st Runner-up
Mass brain drain2
Dave Cordover
2nd Runner-up
Pics of the boyz
Work station
All da winners

~ List of Participants ~
De brave souls who took part r...

~ Sponsors ~ 

Many thanx to our numerous and generous sponsors. Without you, this event would not have been possible!

Primary Sponsor: University of Melbourne

Major Sponsors:
Chess World Incorporating Chess Kids
Royal Selangor Pewter
Games Shop

Other Sponsors:
Village Roadshow
Pizza Haven

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